A computer controlled solar furnace created with reclaimed materials, that is capable of producing highly detailed cast metal objects on a semi-industrial scale, cooking, boiling water, and other general heat processes.  

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The Brains                                                         

SkyFurnace is a heavy duty piece of solar machinery. the body of the furnace is constructed from used a fresnel lense, CNC cut plywood, CNC milled gears, and a variety of standard parts. 

The ultimate goal is to make SkyFurnace open-source and available to anyone who wants one and who can get their hands on a used Fresnel lens. The lenses are easy to find as they are used in rear projection televisions, often available for free on craigslist. 

SkyFurnace is one smart furnace. It uses GPS tracking and temperature control to monitor and concentrate sunlight. It runs on a simple arduino running advanced algorithms to do all this. The use of the algorithms and arduino are what allow SkyFurnace to reach and maintain casting temperatures, as well as adapt itself to other uses, like boiling water, and grilling lunch.  

The computer and moving components are powered by a single solar panel, mounted on the front of the furnace. 


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