SolarMill Research Projects

At SolarMill we only expend the energy that we personally harvest with our rooftop off-grid solar panel array. To make the most out of this precious energy, we develop energy efficient manufacturing and monitoring solutions 



High-Efficiency Renewable Inputs. 

H.E.R.I. is the first of its kind CNC router that operates entirely off of renewable energy. To make this possible HERI was designed and built from the ground up to be one of the world's most efficient CNC routers

Standard CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machines are not designed to run efficiently from renewable energy sources like solar.


SolarKart is a miniaturized version of the SolarMill Workshop. An Off-Grid Off-Road Manufacturing system. 

SolarKart has a 420 Watt solar panel array instead of a standard golf cart roof, a battery bank under the seat, and a myriad of desktop manufacturing equipment on its back. 

With SolarKart we hope take Off-Grid on the road to teach people people about solar manufacturing.   

texture vase comparison 3.JPG


JoulesCam is the first of its kind energy prediction software for 3D printing. 

At SolarMill much of our energy monitoring is done with sensors as machines are running. 

But what if we could calculate the energy usage BEFORE running  machine and let energy usage influence our decision process from the very beginning of a project? 

JoulesCam allows us to design and calculate an object's energy cost, and in turn it lets us develop energy efficient 3D printed products