We have a full sized, 4ft x 8ft CNC Router and a wide selection of tooling.

All parts come off the CNC with holding tabs still attached. Unless you request our post-processing services you will be in charge of removing the tabs and sanding the material. Most of them break off easily by hand, but removing stubborn tabs may require basic tools like a trim router.


Flat Rate for either 1/2” or 3/4" Sheet of ply with file and material provided by client:  $100/sheet*

*30 parts or less and under 90 minutes of machine time.
Cost includes setup, programming, tool wear, cleanup, disposal, and consumables.

Post-process detabbing and sanding: $150/hr

Typical turn around times are within 7 days. If you need your item sooner, we can accommodate you with a rush order fee of 30%. This allows us to put your order at the head of our production queue and bring on additional labor if needed.

Machine Time for wood and plastics: $80/hr + $35 setup and programming ($100 minimum)

 It is preferred for the client to provide the material and bring it to our location, but if needed, I can source and pickup the material for an additional $100 fee plus cost of materials.  A 50% deposit is required for these jobs so I can buy the materials.


-3/4" Plywood
-1/2" Plywood
-1/8" Sintra
-3/4" HDPE
-3/4" Richlite
-3/4 Bamboo Ply
-1/8” DiBond / Alucore
-1/4” DiBond / Alucore

Machine Time Rate for Aluminum is $150/hr + $50 for setup and cleanup.

- Max sheet size of of 48" x 96" x 4" Thick
- Max Thickness only applies to soft materials like foam and odd shapes. Harder materials are limited by tooling and machine rigidity. In other words, while I can route 1/8” aluminum sheet and my bed has a 4” clearance, I can necessarily route a 4” aluminum slab.
- Larger objects can be split and glued post-process.