Indiegogo Products


3D Printed Rewards

SolarKart is equipped with a Lulzbot Mini 3d printer, and a low-energy
microcomputer loaded up with our 3d printed product lines



The SolarKart is equipped with a CNC-Mill and Laser Engraver that we use to make bamboo cutting boards. 

We engrave the boards with graphics from our catalogue of artwork

iphone case lifestyle-0039.jpg

iPhone cases

CNC iPhone case made from Teak and Richlite- an ecofriendly recycled material. 

The case snaps over iPhone 5,S,6, and 7, and the front and back plates are secured with 2 hardy rubber rings (shown in white). 

We engrave the phone back with your choice of artwork from our gallery

spaceholder t.jpg

Swag Rewards

For people who want to be solar branded

Choose from a selection of shirts, stickers, and postcards each featuring SolarMill signature artwork